Geometry Dash OMG Aliens

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About Geometry Dash OMG Aliens

Geometry Dash OMG Aliens will take you to a dangerous alien race. Drive your spaceship through dangerous obstacles and reach the finish line.

Everyone is familiar with the adventure races in the game Geometry Dash Bloodbath, now I will introduce to you a new challenge which is the game Geometry Dash OMG Aliens. This game still retains the gameplay of the original version, you still have to control your character with fast speed. However, there is a slight change on the track, the track you have to face is an alien path with strangely shaped obstacles. In addition, your character will no longer have to move on the ground. You will fly a flying saucer and avoid the dangers.

Conquer the finish line

This game is fast-paced so you have to react fast too. You move the mouse up and down to control the flight range of your character. Obstacles will appear both on the road and in the air, so you have to be very careful. One more important thing is that the game will not have checkpoints so you will be returned to the starting point when you make a mistake. So, the farther you go, the more careful you have to be, try your best to conquer the end of the game.