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Geometry Jump


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Stages in the Geometry Jump game

Challenge yourself with the challenges in Geometry Jump. You have to go through complex challenges and take your character to the finish line.

Geometry Jump is a familiar game like Geometry Dash Bloodbath. However, you need to go through complex challenges to reach the finish line. The challenges of this game will be divided into different stages. You only really conquer the game, when the taskbar in the upper corner of the screen is full. However, it is difficult for you to conquer the challenges in 1 play, so Geometry Jump has divided the challenges into stages.

In the first stage (24%), you will control the character on a pre-set path. The endpoint of this journey is the checkpoint, when you pass the checkpoint you will come to undefined obstacles. This means that these obstacles will appear while you move. Checkpoints will save your journey, if you hit an obstacle, you will be returned to the checkpoint.


Use the mouse to control your character.

Conquer the Geometry Jump game in 15 levels

The game is divided into 15 levels corresponding to the number of stars in each level. The game levels include Preamble, Let's go, gravitational, drought, data after data, and so on. You should choose low-difficulty levels like Preamble to practice. The most difficult level in Geometry Jump is Planet Hunt, this mode is only for players with master skills. Choose the right levels and enjoy the game.

Play with interesting skins

The game has many interesting skins with many different themes. Science-themed skins like UFOs, Spaceship, robots, or animal-themed skins such as ape, monkey, etc. You can also choose basic outfits like cubes. In addition, some skins are locked, you have to complete the mission to unlock them. Why don't you find your favorite outfit and conquer this great game?