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Get 10


About Get 10

Challenge yourself in Get 10

Train your brain with Get 10. In this game, you have to merge the squares next to each other logically to create a record with the number 10.

There are no more running games like Subway Surfers Mumbai and Slope 3. Our Duck Life website has been updated with a brain game called Get 10. In this game, you need to arrange the numbers next to each other to make the number 10. This game also requires you to be careful, because you make one wrong move and everything falls because this game has no undo button. Make the right decision and find the number 10 as fast as you can.

How the Get 10 game stimulates your brain

You will have to merge blocks of different values to form a larger value block. This action will continue until the number 10 is reached. The higher the level, the harder it is to merge. This is the time to use your reasoning ability. You have to arrange it so that the blocks can be merged together.

Merge the blocks together

At first, you will feel this game is quite easy, but the difficulties are behind you. You will easily merge low blocks but it will be harder at high values. You will merge blocks of the same value by clicking on the block. When you click, adjacent blocks of the same value will merge together and form a higher-value block. As long as 2 or more blocks have the same value, you can merge them. You will end this game as soon as you don't have any blocks to merge. If you can pass the challenge in this game? Check out our website and enjoy this wonderful game.

How to merge the block: Use the mouse to match blocks.