Getting Over It

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About Getting Over It

Play the Getting Over It game and join the hottest climbing game of the past summer. Your task is to control the cat and climb the mountain to the finish line.

Your character is trapped in a vase. You can just use a stick and climb the mountain. You prop the pole against the mountain wall and create thrust to a higher position. The difficulty is that this mountain is not flat. In the mountains, there are cliffs that make it easy to fall into the cliff. When you fall down, don't worry, continue at a lower position and climb up. After going through many stumbles, you will draw experience to complete the challenge. This game only ends when you move to the highest point of the mountain. This task is not easy, you must try your best and not give up. Are you ready for this mission? Play and conquer this mountain.

How to climb up the mountain.

You are stuck and you have to use a stick to climb the mountain. To be able to control this stir-fry, you use the mouse and hold to control the direction of the stir-fry, then release the mouse to create thrust and jump to a higher position.