Gin Rummy

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The rule of Gin Rummy

Gin Rummy is an interesting card game. Here, you will draw cards and form pairs of numbers so that the remaining cards are lower than the opponent's cards.

Like other card games, players will take turns drawing and playing cards. When you draw a card you also need to play a card. The player has the right to draw the card that the opponent has played. The principle of this game is that you must form a line with at least 3 cards of the same color. You can also form a cluster of 3 numbers with the same value. When you create 3 pairs of cards as above, you will have the right to knock. Then the game will play the highest card on your hand down and score with your opponent. Whoever has the higher score loses. The more points your opponent has, the more points you have. The final winner is the one who gets 50 points.

Some bonuses

  • If you knock with deadwood having 0 value you will be given 25 points.
  • If you form a combination of 5 cards, you win immediately with 50 points.
  • If your opponents knock but your deadwood is smaller, you will be given 25 points.