Glass Puzzle

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The challenges in Glass Puzzle

Do not be afraid to take on challenges in the Glass Puzzle game. Your task is to drop the ball to break the glasses. Are you ready for this?

Your missions will be on different levels. You complete quests in previous levels to unlock quests in new levels. Your task is to throw the balls and break the glass. The glasses will be arranged above a platform, the balls will be placed in the air. You need to adjust the position of these balls so that when they fall and break the glasses. You break all the glasses to complete the mission. The number of cups and balls that you get at each level will be different. You pay attention to the number of these items to be able to complete the target. This is an extremely easy task. Let's play this game and create great moments.

How to rearrange the position of the ball

The balls will be hung in the air. You drag the mouse to change the position of the ball, then you release the mouse to release the ball. You do these actions until all the glasses are broken and you complete the mission.