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Gold Miner Tom


What is Gold Miner Tom

Some descriptions of Gold Miner Tom

Gold Miner Tom will help you relax with the exciting gold mining process, you will play as a miner, who has to complete tasks through many different levels.

Gold digging is a classic game, it is associated with the childhood of many people. Now, let's relive childhood memories through the game Gold Miner Tom. In this game, you will play the role of a miner, who is lost in a gold mine. Your task is to dig for gold and complete the mission of the game. This game is very simple, but it challenges your eye and math ability. You must accurately align the movement of the hook to be able to pull the gold.

Play on several levels

You will have the opportunity to play this game through many different levels. The levels of the game will be automatically forwarded after you complete the mission. The challenge of the game increases by increasing the value you need to achieve but keeping the time to complete the mission. For example, at level 1, your target is 650 dollars and the task completion time is 1 minute. at level 2, the time to complete the mission is still 1 minute, however, your target has increased to 1190 dollars. The game will end when you don't complete the target and you will start playing from the beginning.

Have fun in this game

Collect different types of minerals

The hooks will rotate automatically, you just need to click to be able to drag minerals. You identify a certain mineral, then wait for the hook to rotate to that location. You click to launch the hook. If hit by a mineral, the hook will return at a slow speed. If not hit minerals. The hook will return to your position immediately.

Different types of minerals will give you different amounts of money. In which the mineral that brings the greatest value is big gold. This big gold can bring you 900 dollars but it will take you a long time to pull it up. The opposite of the big gold nugget is the stone. But this stone only brings you 60 dollars but it also takes a long time to pull it. There are also small golds and mystery bags. Small golds can bring you a sum of 100 to 200 dollars. Mysterious money bags will bring you random amounts.

Use power-ups

You can earn money from pulling minerals, you can use this money to buy power-ups. The game has a number of power-ups that help you pull the net faster. For example, in a bomb, when you pull a bright mineral with a large size, your hook will move very slowly. You detonate the bomb to be able to pull the mineral immediately. There are also some other types of power-ups such as raising health and lucky grass. These power-ups are pretty cheap, so don't be afraid to use them.