Golf Fling

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Some descriptions of Golf Fling

Let's experience the noble sport in the Golf Fling game. Your task in this game is to control the direction of the game and put it into the hole.

In the Golf Fling game, you will experience the sport of golf through many different levels. On the golf course, there will be obstacles that will prevent you from putting the ball in the hole. The mountains will block your view and make it difficult for you to align the direction of the ball. There are also deep pools, your ball will disappear when falling into these abysses. The game also has countless interesting challenges waiting for you to explore on different levels. Play this game on the Duck Life website and prove your professional skill.

Put the ball in the hole

This is a simple game where you can directly impact the ball without the need for a golf club. You will use the mouse and click on the ball, then drag the mouse to align the direction. After aligning the correct direction. You release the mouse to put the ball into the hole. You will be playing until you successfully put the ball into the hole. Are you ready for it?