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Something you need to know about this game

GunHit will entertain you after stressful working hours, where you will play the role of a cowboy who has to try to shoot down as many items as possible.

This is an interesting role-playing game where you will play as a cowboy. Different items will appear on the screen in turn, you must activate the gun and shoot down these items. The items you have to shoot down can be fruits and can also be personal items such as gun helmets or boots. Each time you shoot down these objects you will collect a different amount of money. Fruits will bring you a fairly low amount of money, usually from 10 to 30 points. Personal items will bring you quite a large amount of money from 100 to 300 points. Make reasonable shots to earn the highest score as you can.

Challenge yourself in two modes

This game has two main modes: one-player mode and two-player mode. In single-player mode, you can click to shoot or use the up arrow key. In two-player mode, you press the W key to activate the left gun and use the up arrow key to activate the right gun. To win in this mode, you need to hit the gun in the opposite position. This game has arranged for both guns to be able to move to increase the difficulty of the game. No matter what mode you play in, you must avoid the bombs. Once you hit the bomb, you will lose immediately. The bombs and items will be released at the same time so it won't be a problem if you skip the items. You should determine that your goal is to live as long as possible in this game. Only when you can live long can you shoot more items and score more points.