Guns n Bottles

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Introduce Guns n Bottles

Play and train your reflexes in the Guns n Bottles game. In this game, you will control the gun and shoot all the bottles that appear on the screen.

This is a shooting game, however, it has rather strange gameplay. The bottles will move in a circle and the gun will also rotate in a circle. Both objects move, making it difficult for you to aim. This game not only requires you to be sharp but also requires you to be able to calculate. You have to be calm to be able to align the shot when the objects are moving. These challenges are not simple, but I believe everyone can overcome them.

Join the challenges in Guns n Bottles

Your gun will rotate continuously, you have to quickly aim to shoot down all the bottles. This game sets the levels for you to play, the levels will follow each other. While playing, you need to pay attention to the timer and the bullet you have. If you have not shut down all the bottles when the time and the bullet run out, you lose. Let's hold the rule and shut down as many bottles as possible.

How to control: Use the mouse to click on the screen to shoot.