Helix Jump

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The challenge in Helix Jump

Are you ready for tough challenges in the Helix Jump game? Let's control the ball and earn the most points while moving on the vertical pillar.

This game takes place on a vertical pillar, where you control the ball so that it can move as far on the platform as possible. Above this column, there are blue backgrounds and alternating-colored sections. You can only move above the blue part. If you touch the red platform, you lose immediately. Your main task is to move down from the pillars. Each time you pass a platform you get 20 points. This number can multiply many times if you form combos that pass the platform. What are you waiting for without playing this game right away?

Control your ball

The ball will bounce in place on the platforms. You need to use the mouse and rotate the pillars and platforms. Between the platforms, there will be holes for you to get the ball down. You rotate these holes to the position of the ball and it will fall directly to the platform below. However, you also need to pay attention to the drop location so as not to hit the red platform. Play and get a high score in this game.