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Hero Rescue


Save people in Hero Rescue

Huge fires have spread in the Hero Rescue game. In this game, you have to take control of the rescue plane and save the people to secure places.

Humans are in danger due to fires in the Hero Rescue game. Your mission is to save people from the fire. Controlling the plane is not easy but the future of the city is very important, it depends on you. Don't let the city be destroyed by endless fire. Quickly enter our Duck Life website to play this interesting game.

Play Hero Rescue

Control secure plane

The city is engulfed in flames. You have to control the plane to save people from the fire. You use the mouse to control the plane. The plane moves in the direction of crashing straight to the ground. You click on the screen to control the plane to move upwards. Do not let your plane collide with any obstacles on the way or it will explode. There will be a lifeline on the planes. You throw a lifeline to people so they can get on the plane. Every rescue will have a rating, you can only get 3 stars when you save all the people.

But the evaluation of the rescue is not too important, you can still pass the level without saving all the people. You just need to bring your plane to a safe location and pass the level.

Difficulty in each level of the game

The levels of the game will automatically forward after each time you reach the finish line. However, you can also choose the level you want to play outside of the main screen. Sometimes the game challenges you by hiding the starting point and ending point, which makes you lose direction. These levels need a lot of luck to pass because you don't know the endpoint.