Hexagon Puzzle Blocks

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Some descriptions of Hexagon Puzzle Blocks

Hexagon Puzzle Blocks is challenging you with puzzles related to geometry. Here, you will have to put the hexagon blocks inside a closed shape.

The main task of the player in this game is to arrange the hexagon blocks into the closed block. These hexagons will not stand alone, they merge together and form polygons. You drag these polygons into the closed box. After you fill this box, the level is complete. This game also creates many levels to stimulate the player's desire to conquer. These levels also create different challenges to ensure freshness. Accompanying the freshness is the difficulty that you have to use your whole brain to conquer. Are you confident in your own intelligence? Access Duck Life to play and prove your intelligence.

How to control

This game can be controlled in different ways such as with the mouse and with the arrow keys. However, you should control it with the mouse because of its flexibility. You can also combine both the mouse and the arrow keys at the same time. Use your mouse to click on the hexagon block you want to move, then use the arrow keys to rearrange its position.