How to Draw Jake

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About How to Draw Jake

Do not miss the exciting things in How to Draw Jake. Here, you will try to draw the character Jake with the instructions provided in the game.

You are familiar with Jake in Another Cartoon Game, and now, you will continue to experience challenges related to this character in the game How to Draw Jake. This game has very simple gameplay, you just need to use the mouse and describe according to the features of the game. The game will start with cutting lines, after you finish drawing the required shape, you press the arrow to move to the next shape. Your task is just to connect the intersecting lines. After the intersecting lines are joined together, they will automatically fill in the appropriate color. You draw along all the strokes of the game until you complete a complete shape. When you have completed the task, the game will score you based on the strokes you have drawn. You can also paint multiple times to create the most amazing picture. Are you ready for it? Let's play and have great moments in this game.

How to complete the mission

You use the mouse to draw Jake.