Idle Ants

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About Idle Ants

Play as an ant and build a great nest in the Idle Ants game. Your ant has to perform the task of feeding and expanding the population for its nest.

To complete the tasks of this game, you need to find food and bring it back to the nest. Each piece of food you earn will earn 5 dollars. You need to eat a lot of places to be able to earn a lot of money, then you use the money to upgrade your ant colony. Do you believe you can build the strongest ant colony? Come join the Duck Life website and play this game.

Upgrade your ants

You will earn money from eating and use the money to upgrade this ant colony. Initially, you only have one ant, you can use 10 dollars to buy 1 more ant. The amount of money you need to buy ants will also increase in proportion to the number of ants you own. These ants also have a fairly slow movement speed and you can also use money to upgrade its speed. Finally the value of the food, these food pieces will be worth 5 dollars, but you can also spend 300 dollars to upgrade it to 20 dollars.