Impossible Box Rush

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Play Impossible Box Rush

Are you ready for challenges in Impossible Box Rush? In this game, you need to slide and bring the box to the correct position required by the game.

A small box is getting lost in a big box. In the big box, there are not many dangerous obstacles. Your task is to move the small box and bring it to a safe location. While moving, you need to avoid obstacles such as moving spikes. Once you touch these spikes, you lose immediately. Are you ready? Go to the Duck Life website and play this interesting game.

How to control: Use the mouse o control your character.

Tips and tricks

The moving spheres of spikes are alternating across the screen. You need to take advantage of the distance between the spikes and move straight to the finish line. In case you are not too quick, you can move slowly. You take advantage of the distance between the 2 spikes and move in between them. You should not move when the 2 spikes are approaching each other. Play and make flexible actions to pass this game.