Impossible Lite Dash

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Differences from Geometry Dash Bloodbath

Impossible Lite Dash is an exciting challenge that you should not miss, you control a block that moves between 2 sides of the road and complete the level.

This game is inspired by the Geometry Dash Bloodbath game but it has some differences. In the Geometry Dash Bloodbath game, you will control your character to move on a horizontal path. In this game, your character will move on a straight road, you must be very flexible to be able to overcome it. Moreover, these obstacles can move, making it difficult for you to control. Moreover, the Geometry Dash Bloodbath game will generate different levels and these levels are already unlocked. This game also creates different levels but it is locked, you have to complete the challenges to be able to unlock it. In general, this game is only for people with good reflexes and patience, if you are confident in your ability then join this game.

Overcome the obstacles

This game has a different way of building obstacles, so the way to control the character is quite special. Your character will move automatically on a path full of spikes, these spikes can be stationary and can also move. The yellow spikes are stationary ones and the red ones are movable, these red spikes will move to the other side when your character gets close to them. You have to wait for the red thorn to move before you should change direction, to move between the two sides of this path, you left click. You should remember all these spikes are very dangerous, just you touch one edge of the thorn you can lose. To unlock the different levels of this game, you need to overcome all the obstacles and reach the finish line at the end of the road.