Impostor Killer

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About Impostor Killer

Let's become the brutal killer in the Impostor Killer game. Your mission in this game is to destroy the entire crewmate in the spaceship silently.

This game is inspired by last summer's hottest game - Among Us. In this game, the characters still include the crewmate and the impostor. You will play the impostor and kill the crew members in silence. This game will be divided into many different levels depending on the level of the killer. The difficulty of the game increases by increasing the number of astronauts in the boat. You still have to complete the mission and not get caught. What are you waiting for without playing this exciting game?

Play and become a brutal killer

This game has pretty simple gameplay. You use the keys on the keyboard to control your character. The crewmate characters will move back and forth on the ship. You need to move carefully from behind to kill them. You can only kill them in silence, once any crewmate discovers you, you will die instantly. This means your mission has failed. Don't be defeated by any crewmate. Join the game and become the most brutal killer.

Control: Use the arrow keys on the keyboard.