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About Impostor.io

Control your character smartly and eliminate all opponents in the Impostor.io game. This is a direct fighting game. Are you ready to play this fun game?

Impostor.io is a survival game, where direct battles between Imposters are opened. These Imposters need to collect food and upgrade themselves. After your imposter is strong enough, you can go find and destroy other opponents. The more opponents you destroy, the higher your score. Your highest score will be saved and shown on the main screen. Let's play and be the ruler in this exciting game.

Play Impostor.io

You will participate in a fierce battlefield in the Impostor.io game. Here, you use the mouse to control your character to find food. Food is square blocks that appear on the map. You eat these blocks to upgrade your blood bar and can last long on the battlefield. Your score is calculated by the number of kills, so you also need to kill other opponents. Find opponents with lower blood than you and destroy them. While moving, pay attention to other opponents so as not to be attacked by surprise. Now, play and destroy all the opponents in Impostor.io.

How to control: Use the mouse to control your character.