Janissary Tower

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Descriptions of Janissary Tower

Let's play and become warriors in the game Janissary Tower, where you need to shoot down UFOs and protect the towers from the invasion of aliens.

In this game, you need to control two characters at the same time and your mission is to shoot down a UFO in the sky. This UFO will move back and forth and bring boxes containing alien characters to the ground. You control the cannons on both sides of the map to shoot and explode these boxes. This game will never end until you destroy the enemy or you lose. Become the bravest warriors to protect your base from alien attacks.

Control two characters of this game

You can control 2 characters in this game, the blue character is positioned on the right side of the screen. To control this character, you use the arrow keys, in which you use the left arrow and right arrow keys to move left or right. Use the up arrow key to jump and the down arrow key to place the blocks. Use the up and down arrow keys simultaneously to aim the cannon. Then you press the left arrow key to activate the cannon and destroy the target. Your target will not be destroyed immediately but will be disintegrated after many shots, you only really score when you destroy the target.

The red character is placed on the left side of the screen and you will use the WASD keys to control it. In it, you use the AD key to move left and right, use the W key to jump up, and use the S key to place blocks. You simultaneously use the WS key to aim the cannon and the D key to shoot the gun.