Jewel Legend

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Play Jewel Legend

Jewel Legend is a fun treasure-related challenge where you swipe the jewel to delete them. what are you waiting for without playing this exciting game?

The gems of the game are diamonds, rubies, and sapphires. They will be shuffled on the board and will disappear when they gather in a row with more than three gems of the same type standing next to each other. The mission of the game spans many levels. At each level, you will have a certain number of moves and targets. Target is the condition that determines whether you pass the level.

How to destroy the jewel: You use the mouse and swipe the jewels to change their position and delete them from the board.

Combination of power-ups

While doing the target you can also create power-ups to get more points. The rocket will be to destroy a row of gems vertically or horizontally. The bomb will destroy the gems around it. When combining two bombs together, they will double their power and destroy two lines of gems around them. When you combine the bomb with the rocket they will create a special power that destroys three lines of gems horizontally and vertically.