Jewel Magic

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About Jewel Magic

What are you waiting for without playing Jewel Magic? Here, you will change the position of the Jewels on the board and complete the target of the game.

Different gems like sapphires and rubies will appear in different locations on the map. Your task is to rearrange the location of gems and delete them on the map. This game will take place on many levels, each level will have its own target. You complete the target of the game and pass the level. This task is quite simple, you just need to be careful to be able to overcome it.

Destroy all the gems

You use the mouse and click on the gem that you want to change the position, then you click on another gem to swipe them. When the gems form a string of 3 or more gems of the same type they will explode and clear out of the board. You can also use the power-ups to complete the missions faster. The game has 3 power-ups for you, which are power gem, bomb, and rocket. Power Gem can discard one kind of gem that you want on the board. The bomb will explode and clear all the gems surrounding it. The rocket will destroy the gems in a line.