Jewel Pets Match

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The mission in Jewel Pets Match

Play and immerse yourself in the fun world of Jewel Pets Match. You will have to rescue interesting pets from the board and conquer many different levels.

Lovely animals such as pigs, chickens, foxes, and frogs... are stuck on the board. You need to save these adorable animals from the board. However, this task is not easy when these animals appear in a random position. You have to match and form lines with animals of the same type standing next to each other and rescue them from the board. A standard line is to have 3 animals of the same type standing side by side in a straight line. However, if you create a line with 4 animals of the same type standing next to each other, it will create a missile. This missile will rescue the animals in a straight line. Similarly, if you form 2 rows of 3 in one turn, a bomb will spawn. The bomb will explode and rescue the animals around it. Do you know the rules of the game yet?

How to swap the animals

You click the mouse on the animal that you want to swap, then you click on other animals to swap them together. You swap and complete the mission in a set move to pass the level.