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Juicy Dash


About Juicy Dash

Play and have moments of entertainment in the Juicy Dash game. Here, you need to grind the fruits and make products like juice and strawberry jam.

This game provides you with fruits like kiwis, apples, bananas, and so on. You need to grind these fruits and complete the target of the game. This game takes place on many levels. When you complete the target, the levels will be forwarded automatically. At each level, you will have a certain number of turns. If you run out of turns and you still haven't completed the target, you lose. Do you understand the rules of the game? Let's play and get the exciting moments in this game.

Create juice and jam

In the process of grinding these fruits, you can also create some different types of products.

  • You arrange 5 fruits of the same type in a straight line to make strawberry jam. Jam has the ability to remove all fruits appearing on the map.
  • You arrange 4 fruits of the same type in a straight line to make juice. The juice will destroy a row of fruit horizontally or vertically.
  • You arrange 2 rows of fruits to appear in the same turn to get extra time.