Justine the SuperRoo

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Rescue the city in Justine the SuperRoo

Do justice and transform into a great hero in the Justine the SuperRoo game. Here, you will play as a kangaroo hero and destroy the villains.

A city is being invaded by evil forces. If no one comes to do justice, this city will face destruction. Now, the city is in dire need of you - a person who does justice. Stand up, destroy the villains, and regain peace for the city. It is not an easy task. Are you confident that you can complete it? Play this game now on the Duck Life website and become the greatest hero.

Control your hero

If you decide to be the hero in this game, you will play as a kangaroo hero. You put on the robe of a knight and go to destroy the forces of evil. But this evil force appears everywhere in the sky, and you have to try to fly very high to be able to destroy as many villains as possible. You bounce on trampolines to fly higher. In addition, you can also jump on top of the monster to fly higher and destroy them. You need to avoid monsters that contain spikes, if you touch these monsters, you will die instantly.

Control: Use the mouse to control your flight direction.