Knife Smash

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About Knife Smash

Knife Smash is a simple game, it challenges your eyes. Here, you will have to throw the knives so that the knives are stuck in the cutting board.

In this game, you will see a cutting board filled with knives and apples. On this, you can throw knives into the gaps on the cutting board. If you hit the apples and they fly off the cutting board, you get extra points. You cannot throw the knives on the cutting board. When you throw a knife at them, your knife will bounce and you lose instantly.

The game also challenges you through levels. The cutting board will fill with more knives as the levels go up. At the same time, the number of knives you need to throw also increases, making it difficult to throw. Do you already know the rules of the game? Join and play the Duck Life - an exciting series racing game.

Throw the knives onto the cutting board

Your task in this game is to throw knives to the cutting board. You throw all the knives the game requires to pass the level. You use the mouse to aim and throw. Let's play and throw as many as knives you can.