Mahjong Solitaire

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Some features

Mahjong Solitaire gives you difficult challenges related to mahjong, here, you have to find pairs of the same item and remove it from the board.

These mahjong pieces are symbols related to technology, these icons can be a letter, a trash can, a folder, and so on, these items will appear in pairs or pairs of the same. These mahjong pairs will be stacked on top of each other in layers, your task is to find the same mahjong pairs to remove them from the board. You should note that a type of mahjong will have many pairs, so you need to match the mahjong pair to bring the most benefits. Now learn about the rules of this game and conquer it.

How to play

You will use the mouse and click and 2 matching mahjong, then this mahjong will disappear from the board. There is another condition when you connect mahjong that the mahjong is not covered by other mahjong. This means that the mahjong you want to delete must have at least 2 edges that are not in contact with another mahjong. This game becomes more dramatic than ever when there is a stopwatch in the right corner of the screen. When you delete mahjong, you can use shuffle when there are no matching mahjong pairs on the table. However, when you use the shuffle, you lose, and the play pattern for each shuffle will add 1 minute to your playtime. This will negatively affect your gaming results, please limit the use of shuffle.