Match It!

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The challenges in Match It!

Match It! Will test your reflexes when you have to quickly find a pair of similar objects and place them on a box. Do you think you can conquer this challenge?

Items with different themes appeared on the screen in a garbage strip. These items will appear in pairs but their positions are shuffled, you have to quickly find the item pairs and put it in the box at the bottom of the screen. This game will take place in many different levels, at low levels like level one and level two, the number of items you have to find is two. Because the number of items to find is quite small, you will easily find similar item pairs, most of the players who play this game find it easy to find matching pairs, the real challenges are at higher levels. At high levels, the items will be more and they will be stacked making it difficult for you to find the same items.

Match the items

You find pairs of similar items on the screen then use the mouse and drag them into a crate at the bottom of the screen. When you place 2 similar items on the crate, it will automatically collect the items. You just need to find all the same items on the screen and put them in the box to complete the challenge of the game. You should note that the game has a stopwatch on the left side of the screen. However and the level you are playing the game will set a corresponding time. If this clock runs out of time and you still haven't collected all the items on the board, you have failed. Each time you collect pairs of items, the game will add 3 seconds to the clock.