Maze: Path of Light

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Complete the missions in Maze: Path of Light

Welcome to Maze: Path of Light, where you can challenge your brain with tough questions. You will control a ray of light and find your way out of the maze.

A small ray of light is lost in a giant maze, your task is to rescue this light from the maze. This giant maze has many small branches, you control your ray of light by choosing the direction for it. Every time the ray of light approaches the junction and the intersection, you will have to choose the direction for the light. If you choose the wrong path you can also choose to go back. You do this until you get out of the maze.

Control: Use the mouse to choose the direction for your light.

Why does Maze: Path of Light challenge your brain?

This game requires you to have sharp eyes and good thinking abilities. As the maze is so large, you will be easily distracted by the directions. This is the time to use your brain. You must link the paths to find the fastest way to the destination. Just one wrong choice will make you miss the opportunity to complete the task. Use your brain and solve these difficult missions.