Mega Runner

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Mega Runner is an adventure race where you will control a block and overcome a challenge on the track. Don't hesitate to participate in this game.

A square block is trying to move to the finish line. On its way to the finish line, it has to face spikes and platforms on the way. You have to be very careful not to touch these spikes. Because this game has no checkpoint, so after you die you will be returned to the starting point. The further you go, the more careful you have to be if you don't want all your efforts to be lost. Are you confident that you can conquer the challenges in this game?

Control: left-click to jump over obstacles.

Conquer the different episodes

This game will have 3 episodes, each episode will have 3 different levels. You need to complete the challenge in the previous level before the next level can be opened. Likewise, you need to unlock the episode first to unlock the episode later. The challenges of each level and each episode will be different. You won't know what's waiting for you until you unlock it. Play and conquer all the challenges in this game.