Merge Cakes

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Learn about the features of Merge Cakes

Merge Cakes is a fun baking experience. In this game, you merge cakes of the same type together to form a new more valuable cake. Are you ready for it?

This game has the same gameplay as Merge Melons, but here, you will merge the cakes together. You will start with the basic cakes with 1 coin. When you combine these cakes together, it will form a cake that costs twice as much. Each time you merge the cake, the taskbar in the upper corner of the screen will increase. This task bar's growth rate depends on the type of cake you have merged. When this taskbar is maxed, a new plot of land will be opened.

In addition, the game has random cakes, which means that the cakes that will appear next are no longer basic cakes. The random cakes can be either four coins or eight coins. You should make a lot of cakes and earn a lot of money to develop your cake shop in this game.

Merger and create high-value cakes

In this game, you will play as a baker who must merge cakes together to form new cakes. The basic cake will give you a coin, which is also the basic ingredient for you to create new cakes. This cake will be baked and delivered to you after ten seconds, you can increase the baking speed by clicking the bell at the bottom of the screen. After you have enough ingredients, use your mouse and drag two cakes of the same type into a box and they will automatically merge together. The newly created cake will be worth twice as much as the old one, you have to create high-value cakes to make as much profit as possible for your bakery.