Merge The Gem

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Introduce Merge The Gem

What are your waiting for without playing Merge The Gem? The gem with the different values needs to merge together. Let's complete this mission.

The mission in this game is quite easy, you just need to change the position of the gem to merge them together. You can merge the gems in 2 ways. You can link 2 gems standing next to each other or you can put a gem on another gem to merge. However, you only merge them together when 2 gems are the same value. When 2 gems merge together, they can generate a gem with double value. Your target in this game is to get a gem with a value of 30. This target is quite hard to complete because you merge the gems from the value of 1. Moreover, this game has a timer above the board. When the time runs out, a row of new values will appear. In this row of new values, it will have some connected blocks that make it difficult for you to change the position. The game will end when you have no room for new value. Do you understand the rule? Let's play.

How to merge the gems

You drag the mouse to merge the gems together.