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Mini Putt


Play Mini Putt

Some descriptions

Mini Putt is a simulation golf game where players will continuously have to hit golf into holes in eighteen different terrains. Don't hesitate to play it.

This game will allow you to experience the sport of the nobility as you experience golfing through ten different types of terrain. These types of terrain will contain obstacles that prevent you from putting the ball into the hole. The obstacle that you encounter the most is the wall, you can't make the ball fly over the wall, so you can only avoid it. There are also other obstacles such as spirals and windmills, you have to hit a lot of force so that the ball can move through these obstacles, and you do the same for the slopes.

Conquer 18 kinds of terrains

You will experience 18 different types of terrain, and each type of terrain will bring its own challenge. After you complete all 18 types of terrain your total score will be calculated. Your result is unknown, but put the ball in the hole with as few hits as possible to win.

Follow the rule

This game uses the mouse to control, you will hit the ball in a miniature court in which your ball is placed on the dark green. Before hitting the ball you can change the position of the ball in this dark area by moving and clicking with the mouse. You drag the mouse against the direction of the ball to aim and then release the mouse to hit the ball. You have to align the force perfectly to get the ball into the hole with as few shots as possible. If the hole is in the path of the ball but you hit the ball with great force, the ball will not be able to enter the hole. After finishing the strokes, your score will be summed up, if your score is lower than the machine's score, you win.