Mini Rocket

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Participate in the challenge in Mini Rocket

If you are looking for a game for fun then play Mini Rocket. These are interesting challenges where you have to collect coins at different levels.

In this game, you will control a slimy creature. Your task is to move between platforms and collect coins. However, this task will not be so simple. The game has created sparks to create difficulty for you. You must avoid these fires to collect the coins. When your character touches the fire, it will melt instantly. Also, on some levels, you will be racing to open mazes. Here, you have to collect coins, avoid the fires and not let your character fly off the screen. Note, in some open mazes, you can stick to the mobile platforms to be able to complete the mission. These platforms will move to the coin position, but you have to change the platform as soon as it moves to the spot of the sparks.

How to control your character

You use the keys on your keyboard to control your character. The arrows on the key correspond to the direction of the character's movement. For example, you press the arrow key to move up. Moreover, you can also control your character with the WASD keys.