Monsters Up

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Some descriptions of Monsters Up

Monsters Up is an extremely fun game where you have to balance the wooden sticks and take your monster as high as possible. Are you ready for it?

In this game, you will play the role of a little monster, who has to jump continuously on the logs to reach the stars. The wooden sticks will move from 2 sides of the screen, sometimes it's not wooden sticks but they can also be rocks. These stone slabs or wooden slats will vary in length as well as height. Your task is to balance these wooden bars. For each wooden stick that is balanced, you will score 1 point, you arrange these sticks until your monster crashes. After your monster dies, your highest score will be saved and displayed outside the main screen. What are you waiting for without playing this fun game? Visit the Duck Life website and play Monsters Up.

How to get a high score

To be able to balance these wooden bars, you need to control your character to jump. You left-click to jump on the wooden stick, one thing you need to pay attention to is that if you hold the mouse your monster will jump a little higher. After your monster jumps and stands on the wooden stick, the stick will stay in one spot. You follow the movement speed of the wooden bars to jump up reasonably. Your monster will die when it hits these wooden walls. In addition, when these sticks fall, your monster will fall off the sticks to die.

The wooden sticks or stones will move toward your monster at the same speed, so you just need to locate the center of these wood sides to jump. You will die if you touch rocks or fallen wood, so you need to come up with reasonable methods for these obstacles. The wooden slats will be longer than the stone slabs but will be of a lower height instead. The characteristics of the stones are that they are tall and short, making it difficult for you to jump on them, while the wooden bars are more difficult to balance. Keep trying until the monster reaches the stars, it's like a checkpoint that balances all the obstacles you've gone through.