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About Mope.io

Mope.io is an administratively interesting evolution of various types of organisms. You will start evolution from a mole, you need to feed to evolve it.

This game will have a lot of different levels of evolution. You will start your evolutionary journey from a small mole. You need to continuously hunt to evolve yourself. If you don't try to hunt you will become someone else's food. Hunt and evolve into the strongest on this map.

Hunt and evolve yourself in Mope.io

This game has a similar gameplay to the Hole.io game. When you were little, you could only eat foods like wild berries and blueberries. After you absorb the food you will evolve into a larger object. To be able to hunt larger targets you need to go through a lot of evolution. When you are bigger than other opponents you can also eat them. Cannibalizing your opponent makes you evolve very quickly and can quickly raise your position on the leaderboard. Therefore, At high evolution level, you need to become more aggressive, you only have the choice of being the hunter or the hunted. Are you understand the rule of this game? Let's play and hunt other players.

Control: Use the mouse