Moving Co

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Some descriptions of Moving Co

Moving Co is an interesting game where you will have to pick up items into the box. Let's pick up all these items and complete the challenge of the game.

This game has very simple gameplay. Various items are expensive on the outside of the box. You have to find and pick up these items in pairs and put them in the box. You clear all the items outside the box and complete the mission of the game. While you pick up these items, you will get points. To get a higher score, you should pick up these items in combos. This game challenges your eyesight and dexterity as you have to pick up items in pairs. This challenge is both simple and fun. Are you ready for this challenge? Let's access the Duck Life website and conquer it.

How to pick up the item

To be able to pick up the items outside the box you use the mouse. You use the mouse and click on the item you want to pick up, then you drag that item into the box. You pick up all the items out of the box and complete this quest.