Nine Blocks

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The principles for breaking tetrominoes

Welcome to Nine Blocks - an exciting puzzle game. In this game, you need to place tetromino blocks in empty cells and remove them from the grid.

Your task in this game is to put the tetromino blocks in the empty cells and clear them from the grid. The tetrominoes will appear in the order of 3 consecutive blocks on the right side of the screen. After you delete these 3 tetromino blocks, 3 other tetromino blocks will appear. This game will never end until you have no place left to place the tetromino.

To be able to remove tetromino blocks from the grid, you need to form a block with 9 tetrominoes standing next to each other. These blocks can stand side by side vertically, horizontally, and even in a 3x3 grid. You need to quickly destroy the tetromino blocks to make room to place other tetromino blocks. Play and try to destroy as many tetromino blocks as you can.

How to control

You use the mouse to control the game. You hold the tetromino you want to place and drag it to the grid. When 9 tetrominoes stand each other, they will be removed from the grid and you have room to place other tetrominoes