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Ninja Run


Face opponents in Ninja Run

Play as a ninja and start the adventure in the dark of the Ninja Run game. In this game, you will face opponents like samurai. Are you ready?

In the dark night, a ninja character is moving on a road full of obstacles. On this path, he will face many challenging obstacles. The obstacles he will encounter are the Samurai, the crow, and so on. He must destroy these obstacles or overcome them. This game requires players to have quick reflexes, and courage when facing difficult obstacles. Are you brave enough to overcome all these obstacles? Let's play.

How to eliminate all the opponents

To be able to overcome obstacles, you can only jump over them or destroy them. To kill Samurai or crows, you shoot darts. You control the mouse and aim to shoot at the obstacles. You aim and then you click to launch the darts. Since your character already moves forward automatically, you just need to press the up arrow key to jump. Master the combination of mouse and keyboard to go far on this road.

How to control

  • Use the mouse to shoot the dart
  • Use the up arrow key to jump