Odd One Out

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About Odd One Out

Train your eyes in the Odd One Out game. Your task in this game is to find a required item of the game in a short time. Are you ready for it?

This is a puzzle game where you can challenge your eyes. The game will issue a required item, you need to find the required item in a table containing many other items. This game requires you to have a very sharp eye to be able to quickly find the items. In addition, you also have to find it exactly so that no points will be deducted. This game currently has 1000 different levels, can you conquer all levels of this game?

The rule of Odd One Out

This game has very simple gameplay, you rely on the item that appears at the top of the board and look for its position on the board. When you find the location of this item, you use your mouse and click on the item and pass the level. This game has a timer, you have to complete the game's mission before the time ends. Each time you give a wrong answer, your watch will lose 5 seconds. These are simple tasks so don't waste a single second.