Om Nom Connect Classic

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What is Om Nom Connect Classic?

Play and take on exciting challenges in Om Nom Connect Classic. Here, you will have to find and match items of the same type to remove them from the board.

In this game, you continue to meet the familiar character - Om Nom. Om Nom-themed items will be shuffled on the board, your task is to clear all the items on the board. To be able to remove these items, you need to find and match items of the same type. When two items of the same type are joined together, they will disappear from the board. To join two items together, they must be of the same type and not be blocked by any items. Each time the game is played, the game will set an amount of time. You must destroy the items of Om Nom during this time. If the time runs out and you still haven't completed the task, you will lose. In addition, the game also creates many levels, each level will have its own mission. You complete the missions in the previous levels to unlock the following levels.

Match the items and complete the mission

Items of different shapes are gathered in a table, in which there are one or more pairs of similar items. You need to find these pairs of items and connect them together, but to connect items together it also needs conditions. And the condition for you to be able to connect two items together is that they must be connected when there are no obstacles between these items or you only connect these items with at most three folded lines. You need to connect these items in a given time period, if you do not complete the task within the given time, you will lose.