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Onet Connect Classic


Descriptions of Onet Connect Classic

Do not miss the exciting challenges in the Onet Connect Classic game. This classic game is back with fun puzzles and different themed pieces.

Onet Connect Classic is a game, where you need to connect familiar items. In this game, you find and remove items of the same type from the board. In order to delete items, these items must be of the same type and not be blocked by any other items. You delete all these items and complete the mission of the game. What are you waiting for without playing this fun game?

How to control: Use the mouse to find and delete items of the same types from the map.

Play Onet Connect Classic on a different map

This game has 3 themes, each theme will also be divided into different levels. Each level will have a different way of operating. You need to complete levels to collect power-ups

  • The first map features adorable animals such as elephants, owls, dolphins, and more. You find and delete items of the same type from the map.
  • The second map is food items such as croissants, lollipops, and so on.
  • The third map is summer fruits like watermelons, peaches, etc.