Paint And Learn Animals

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Some features of Paint And Learn Animals

Play with your kids and help them learn about cute animals in Paint And Learn Animals. In this game, you will be colored with many vivid images.

If Little Red Riding Hood Puzzle reminds you of your childhood stories, then Paint And Learn Animals will help you practice thinking skills and creativity. In this game, you will experience coloring with the available pictures of the game. In addition, you can also create your own interesting pictures by yourself.

Controls: Use the mouse.

Boost your creativity on 5 modes

This game will challenge you with different types of paintings, specifically, the game has 5 main types of challenges. The first type is Free Mode, this mode challenges your creativity, and you can draw anything you like. The second is the Sticker mode, you will have to find the appropriate position of the stickers and stick them to the picture. Mouse Smash mode challenges your eye when you have to quickly kick the heads of mice. Next is Drawing on-demand mode, you need to look at an existing picture and redraw it in coded form. Finally, Find the missing picture, the game will provide you with a missing picture and you need to find the missing picture. Are you ready for this challenge?