Papa's Bakeria

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About Papa's Bakeria

Welcome to Papa's Bakeria, it is a fun cooking game. In this game, you will be directly involved in the stages of baking and serving customers. You will be owning a bakery shop. The store is at the start-up stage, so you'll have to do everything yourself. When the store grows stably, you can hire employees and open more branches. Play and become the owner of the largest restaurant chain in the food industry.

4 stages of Papa's Bakeria

  • First, you have to take orders from customers at the Order Station. You write down what the customer ordered and send the order to the kitchen to make the dish
  • Next, switch to the Building Station to start making cakes. Firstly, you need to find flour and mix flour with water. Then you add different spices to make the cake delicious
  • Then, at the Grill Station, you'll put the sandwich on the grill and bake it. After a certain time, the cake will be cooked and you go to the last station to decorate.
  • Finally, move to the Top Station to decorate the cake with some toppings and other extra ingredients. After decorating the cake, you can bring it up to serve customers