Paper Dash

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What are you waiting for without playing the exciting Paper Dash game? Here, you will control a block and find your way to the finish line on the levels.

Paper Dash is an exciting race, where you have to overcome countless obstacles and find your way to the finish line. These obstacles are the spikes on the platforms. You have to jump to be able to avoid these obstacles. You pass these obstacles and reach the destination to finish the mission. When you complete a mission, a new level will be opened and you will continue to participate in new missions. Are you confident that you can conquer all levels of this game? Let's play and discover this interesting game.

How to control: Left-click to make your character jump over obstacles.

Special features of the Paper Dash game

This game has very special graphics. It's not a neon track but a track drawn with squiggly lines. These obstacles are also drawn on paper, so you will feel like you are the character in the picture. This graphics is very new and will stimulate the curiosity of players. What are you waiting for without playing this exciting game right away?