Paper Fold Origami 2

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Introduce Paper Fold Origami 2

Let's experience the fun of Japanese culture in the Paper Fold Origami 2 game. In this game, you need to fold the paper to form the required shape of the game.

Paper Fold Origami 2 is inspired by the Japanese art of paper folding, which is known as origami. The name origami is derived from two words: Ori, which means folded or folded, and kami, which means paper. Origami uses basic folding techniques to create complicated shapes from a rectangular piece of paper, which is generally square; this is also a recent origami fad.

Origami has 3 types. Origami on a single sheet, Composite origami, in which a model is built from two or more separate elements folded in various ways, and modular origami, in which multiples of identical modules are stitched together.

Play Paper Fold Origami 2

The game will give a given image, your task is to fold the paper to create this image. You need to figure out the correct folding order to be able to create the required shape of the game. Find out the correct folding rules quickly and discover the interesting paper folding shapes of this game.

Control: You use the mouse to fold the paper.