Penguin Wars

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About Penguin Wars

Penguin Wars is a war between penguins in the Arctic Ocean, you will have to aim and defeat rival penguins, don't miss this exciting mission.

You have participated in many fierce battles on the Duck Life website, but I think that this is your first time participating in a war in the arctic ocean. This is an area with a harsh climate where the penguins are residing, this game will open a fierce battle between these penguins. The game will be divided into 2 factions, each faction will have 3 penguins, you need to choose a faction and must defeat all the penguins on the other side. This game has 2 game modes that are single-player and against the machine, you will control an army in single-player mode. The 2-player mode allows you to fight with your friends, or you can control both armies alone.

Defeat the enemy

Two teams of penguins will stand at the two ends of the screen because the distance between the two armies is quite far so you cannot see both armies on the screen. This means you won't be able to see your opponent and this makes aiming difficult. You use the mouse to aim, after you have found the right angle to shoot, you click the fire button on the screen to shoot the air breast at the enemy. This game has 3 main types of ammunition: snowballs, rockets, and grenades, these weapons have the same damage. The side that kills 3 penguins of the finishing team first will be the winner of this game.