Pet Rush

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The mission in the Pet Rush game

Do not miss the magical challenges in the Pet Rush game. Here, you will destroy elemental blocks on the board and get the highest score possible.

This game has three main types of elemental blocks. The blue element block represents water, the pink elemental block represents love and the yellow elemental block represents the wind. These elemental blocks will appear in a row with jumbled elements. Your mission is to destroy these elemental blocks to get the score. Let's play and set the record

How to destroy the element blocks

Since these elements will appear in a random order, you must find a combination with more than three elements of the same type standing next to each other. Once you have found this combination, you use the mouse and click on this combination, they will disappear from the table. The more elements you create in a combo, the higher your score. Use crayons and paint the elements block around it to a color you want and destroy them. You should note that these elements will move toward their destination at the top of the screen. When these elements reach the finish line, you fail.