Pin the UFO

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Some features of Pin the UFO

Let's play and rescue the aliens in Pin the UFO. In this game, you will have to pull the horizontal bars and help the planet get into the UFO.

The aliens are trapped in an upside-down glass vase. Right below these glass vases is a UFO. However, there are batteries on the top of the glass vase to prevent aliens from reaching the UFO. Your mission is to bring the aliens back to the UFO. In addition, you can also challenge yourself through countless different levels. Obstacles such as bombs will appear at high levels. Are you ready? Join the Duck Life website now and play this amazing game.

Rescue the aliens

To be able to complete the mission in this game you pull the pin to open the way. When you drag the pins, the aliens will automatically fall down. These aliens will hit the UFO when you remove all the obstacles. You also need to pay attention to obstructions in the glass vase. Avoid letting the aliens come into contact with the bomb, or they will all explode. Let the living aliens come into contact with the dead aliens to revive them. After getting all the aliens into the UFO, you complete the game.