Poly Art

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Solve the puzzle in the Poly Art game

Stimulate your brain with the game Poly Art. In this game, you need to change the view of your smart device to make the pieces of the game make sense.

This game has tons of interesting challenges through each different level. Each level is a different challenge. This game is not too difficult but it challenges your imagination. The puzzle pieces of the game appear in 3d. When you first look at these images, you will feel it makes no sense. However, when it finds the right view for these pieces, it creates an image of meaning. Your task is to find the right view for these pieces. Are you ready for this challenge? Let's play.

How to control: Use drag the mouse to change the view of the piece. You change the view until finding the right view of the pieces.

The benefit of Poly Art

This game will help you stimulate your creative thinking ability. These puzzle pieces will require you to constantly change your perspective to be able to solve the puzzle. As a result, you also practice problem-solving skills. What are you waiting for without participating in this game?